by CyTechnology

According to the competition regulations 610.4, European Athletics will pay to the organiser a contribution to the costs of up to 4 (four) days’ accommodation and board of participating teams for a maximum of 25 (twenty five) male athletes, 25 (twenty five) female athletes and 13 (thirteen) officials.

No contribution shall be made in respect of the team representing the host European Athletics Member Federation.

The following accommodation costs (by room) will be charged to the teams:

Single room Twin room (2)
During official period

(Athletes and in-ratio Officials)

110 EUR per night(1) 180 EUR per night
Outside official period

(Athletes and in-ratio Officials)

130 EUR per night 220 EUR per night

All prices include meals and VAT.

(1) For the official period, each team shall be allocated a minimum number of single rooms equivalent to 10% of the total number of athletes and in ratio team officials entered in the final entries, at the price of a twin room in single occupancy (90 EUR). Additional single rooms can be requested and will be given according to availability. The price for the additional single room is 110 EUR during the official period / 130 EUR outside the official period.

(2) In case of later arrival/early departure of the sharing person, the night the twin room is used as a single room will be charged at the rate of the twin room in single occupancy (90 EUR during the official period / 110 EUR outside the official period).
The official period (for which European Athletics is covering team accommodation and board) is from Thursday 17 June to Monday 21 June (4 nights), while the additional period has been fixed for 2 nights (15 and 16 June) before the official period. If your team is planning to stay outside this period, the above-mentioned rates will not apply and a separate agreement will have to be made with the Local Organising Committee (LOC):