The European Teams Championships (Bruno Zauli) in time…


Restless and creative spirits have always existed in humanity, which try, with their ideas, to contribute to the improvement of certain given situations. One of them was Bruno Zauli, a track and field fan and deeply involved in the sport, who also served as President of the Italian Athletics Federation (1946-1957) and President of the European Commission at the World International Athletics Federation (IAAF). . The Ancona-born (18/12/1902) Italian actor envisioned the creation of an event between European countries, which would bring all European track and field athletes even closer and promote the sport in the best way.

Bruno Zauli’s thoughts and suggestions were accepted by all European track and field players, approved by the International Federation and after setting the conditions and regulations, they decided to create the European Teams Championships. Except that Zauli did not have time to see the implementation of his extraordinary idea, since he passed away on December 7, 1963 … For this reason, the European Athletics (the European Athletics was founded in 1970), decided to add his name inspirer in the title of the event. Thus, the “Bruno Zauli European Cup” was created and the first event was assigned to West Germany, in 1965.